Welcome to Gisbrechts Imported Orpingtons at TheFancyChick.com.  We are a  small family owned and operated farm in Northern Ohio.    
Our site is devoted almost exclusively to the  beautiful English Orpington.  Although we have raised poultry for more than two decades, over the  
past few years we  have devoted much of our time and energy to the Orpington.  We find tranquility just watching these beautiful birds.  We will
use our site to share with our readers information that we acquire along our journey of breeding and raising these incredible birds.  
With the varieties that we now have, creating new colors is nearly limitless.    We will try to keep our site updated with new and exciting colors that
we will be adding.     Proceed with CAUTION as these stunning creatures can be habit forming!
We hope you find your trip to our website informational as well as enjoyable!

Thanks for your interest in our birds.
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NPIP certified in the state of Ohio 31-427

Visitors Policy :
We appreciate the interest folks have in our poultry operation. However, we have taken that extra step to become part of
the NPIP certification program and must operate a closed facility to prevent the introduction of disease.

With the recent Newcastle and Avian Influenza precautions we are no longer allowing any visits to the poultry part of our
operation. We are doing our best to try to promote good bio-security.

Thanks for your understanding in our willingness to take part in these program for the health and welfare of our birds.
**PLEASE NOTE**  We currently DO NOT ship chicks to
MN, SD and Hawaii
due to strict state regulations, special permits, red tape, and expense.   Sorry!

Blue Orpington
Black  Orpington

Large fowl

Lavender Cuckoo
Lavender Orpngton
BUFF Orpington

Limited Spring 2014
Crele / Legber Orpington

NEW for 2014

Delaware Orpingtons
Limited Spring 2014
Gold Laced Black
Blue Laced Gold

NEW for 2014


Jubilee Orpington
Partridge Orpington

Red Orpington
While we like hearing from our viewers please remember we are a working farm and spend most of our time outside. If you have questions
and need to  contact us please read the
 ' FAQ'   section of our website first as most of your questions can be answered there.
Thank you for your consideration!
Our little piece of paradise in the valley
If the first three digits of you Zip Code are any of the following  please contact your post office and see if you can
receive live chicks by either priority or express.   If you have received them in the past you probably still can.   
We are really sorry for the inconvenience!
If you can not receive them, but can give us an alternative address we would love to ship to you!

044, 046, 047, 148, 149, 307, 356-58, 373, 374, 466, 496, 544, 548 556-558, 564, 590-593, 596-599, 620, 622-624,
The Gisbrechts
Double Laced
Blue Double Laced
Buff Laced Barnevelder
We are proud members and
in good standing with the
following organizations:
AK, MN, SD & Hawaii
Gisbrechts Imported Orpingtons
at The FancyChick.com
Black Copper Marans
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Check back often for updates, additions & availability!
Delaware Orpingtons
Mottled Orps
Blue Partridge Orps, available late 2014